Donate Winter Wear to Women Who Are Homeless

Posted on October 9, 2020 View all news

Chicago winter is fast approaching and it can be deadly. In 2019, the coldest day in Chicago fell dramatically to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, which doesn’t even factor in wind chill.

Housed people can suffer through the day, bundled and layered, until they reach home, warm and protected from the elements; but what about the people that don’t have the comfort of home?

How do they go all day without the promised refuge of a warm bed?

People experiencing homelessness have their ways of surviving, but there are some extremes that even the most resourceful struggle to overcome. This is one reason it is critical for Sarah’s Circle to remain open and operational, with the resources and items necessary for unhoused women to survive the winter.

Please consider making an in-kind donation of winter wear for women coming to Sarah’s Circle for help. With your compassionate support, we can keep women who are homeless safe and warm this winter as we work to permanently end their homelessness.

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