I came to the U.S. from England for university on a study visa. I was receiving a stipend from the school, along with a full athletic scholarship for field hockey.

I suffered some injuries that led to me becoming homeless. I slipped some discs in my back, tendons in my hip, and pulled a quad. I went on academic probation with only three summer classes left to take and couldn’t play field hockey anymore. After I got injured, the school revoked my athletic scholarship. I fell into a deep depression.

On March 4, 2015, I became homeless.

I could have walked away from this. I almost did. Gone back to England… but I probably would have remained homeless there too.

[At Interim Housing] You live with a lot of women you don’t know. You make friends. No worry about accommodation, food—it makes dreams like mine possible. I wouldn’t have had any place to stay. I would not have made it.

Staff at Sarah’s Circle will save my meals when I miss meal times. People will check in on me to make sure I have what I need. It’s like having a bunch of mums making sure I have my homework done. I got three A’s last quarter—which is a reflection of how Sarah’s Circle has supported me.

I’ve got a cool team on my side: my therapist, my college coach, my pro-bono lawyers. And Sarah’s Circle. Nobody knows what they are capable of until they are faced with this. We’re not just homeless people. There’s a thin line between being housed and homeless. That’s why people need Sarah’s Circle.

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