Host a Fundraiser

Introduce your circle to Sarah’s Circle when you host a fundraiser. We provide the tools so your campaign can be successful. By creating a fundraising page and sharing it with your network, you can maximize your impact on women who are homeless. 

How to Get Started

Sarah’s Circle uses an online fundraising platform that allows you to create a personalized page for your fundraiser. Any online donations collected will count toward your personalized page and will be sent directly to Sarah’s Circle. To get started, simply click on the above ‘Host a Fundraiser!’ button to register. 

You can decide whether to raise funds for Sarah’s Circle by yourself or with a group. 

If you fundraise solo, then you solicit donations that are counted toward your personal goal. If you fundraise with a team, each team member sets up a personalized page to collect donations that are counted toward an overall team goal. 

Types of Fundraisers

There are many ways to set up your fundraiser to help women as they overcome homelessness. 

  • Donate your birthday – ask contacts to donate to Sarah’s Circle in lieu of gifts
  • Fundraise in honor of a holiday like International Woman’s Day or Black History Month
  • Organize an event with your co-workers
  • Host an in-person event where attendees donate to your page to participate
  • Raise funds for women who are homeless without needing an occasion!

No matter how you fundraise, simply share the URL to your personal fundraising page via email or social media so people can donate in only a few short clicks.


We strongly recommend that fundraisers for Sarah’s Circle are set up through the fundraising platform provided and are not hosted on Facebook, GoFundMe, or other crowd-funding or third-party websites. These steps ensure that money raised is received by Sarah’s Circle and put to use as transparently and efficiently as possible.

If you would like to organize a fundraiser or have questions, please contact us.

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