Impact Snapshot

Sarah’s Circle has been a safe haven in times of crisis for countless women since 1979. From our start, we have envisioned a safe and secure home for every woman in Chicago. In 2024, we are still working day in and day out to achieve this goal.

The women we serve are some of the most vulnerable people in Chicago, and without extensive support services it can be extremely difficult for women experiencing homelessness to change their circumstances. By providing Permanent Supportive Housing we are serving these women with the most effective solution to homelessness – a permanent home they can call their own.

Ultimately, the goal of all of Sarah’s Circle’s programming is to help women in Chicago experiencing homelessness find permanent housing. In total, we serve about 700 women each year.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our capacity was reduced to accommodate social distancing in Interim Housing, and the processes by which women are housed have changed, becoming more laborious. Fortunately, the burden placed by the pandemic has been lessened by the opening of our new facility, Sarah’s on Sheridan, enabling us to open an additional Interim Housing space and temporarily house more women.

We are grateful for the community support we have received, which has made the continuation of this important work possible.

“If not for Sarah’s Circle, I’d still be out on the streets, ready to give up on life… who knows where I’d be? Now I can be me and live my truth.”

Coco, Sarah’s Circle client

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Demographics of Women Served by Sarah’s Circle

100% are women with low incomes; approximately 50% have no income
100% face a shortage of affordable housing
40% of clients are 55+
71% are BIPOC
41% are survivors of domestic violence; 8% entered our program directly fleeing domestic violence
31% are chronically homeless 
34% struggle with a severe mental health disorder
4% of clients struggle with substance use
40% are currently living on the street or in a place not meant for human habitation
25% have a developmental/physical disability
18% have a chronic health condition

2023 Accomplishments

Sarah’s Circle is incredibly proud of its work to provide high-quality services and solutions to women experiencing homelessness in Chicago. Our 2023 accomplishments include:

694 women helped across all our programs
230 women served at the Daytime Support Center
299 women served by the Interim Housing Program
80 women served by the Rapid Rehousing Program
85 women served by the Permanent Supportive Housing Program
434 women provided with case management assistance
140 women helped to move into permanent or more stable housing
18,250 nights of shelter provided in our Interim Housing Program
61,950 meals served

To learn more about our impact, please view our latest Annual Report.

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