Katherine Ragnar

Executive Director

773-728-1014, ext 309

James Grutsch, CPA

Senior Director of Finance & Administration
773-728-1014, ext 310

Kathleen Molnar, LCSW

Director of Public Funds

773-728-1014, ext 308

Lee Poe

Foundations & Corporate Relations Manager
773-728-1014, ext 303

Stephanie Nilson

Human Resources Manager
773-728-1014, ext 321

Darnice White

Program Staff Manager – IH
773-728-1991, ext 305

Jennifer Gilly

Client Resource Manager
773-751-7475, ext. 333

Shawanna Mims, FHS, NPCC

Director of Housing & Facilities

773-751-7475, ext 302

Angela Lopez

Director of Program Services & Administration
773-728-1014, ext 304

Peggy Howard, MSW

Associate Director of Immediate Services
773-751-7475, ext 451

Delores Wofford

Permanent Supportive Housing Manager
773-751-7475, ext 315

Mark Zinke, LCSW

Facilities Manager
773-751-7475, ext 302

Stephanie Nilson

Human Resources Manager
773-728-1014, ext 321

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