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Sarah’s Circle’s primary goal is to end homelessness for women in Chicago. We provide services to individuals who identify as female and are 18 years of age or older. Our programs utilize the Housing First model, have no barriers to entry, and use a trauma-informed approach. Across programs, Sarah’s Circle staff use best practices and provide case management and supportive services to help women achieve their goals. The programs have three overarching goals: 

  • Welcome all women with safety, respect, and community
  • Support women’s growth in all aspects of wellness: physical, emotional, life skills, economic, and the realization of their unique potential.
  • Help each woman find her home.

Daytime Support Center

Open to any woman in need, the Daytime Support Center provides a safe space, services to meet basic needs, educational and general-interest programming, and case management to help women find permanent housing and increase self-sufficiency. 

“We get the help we need: a shower, a locker, we can do laundry and be fed.”

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Interim Housing Program

For women who are currently homeless, the Interim Housing Program is a 50-bed overnight facility that provides 24-hour access to supportive services. It is designed to transition women into permanent housing as quickly as possible.

“It’s like having 49 mums making sure I have my homework done. My case manager will save my meals for me when I come back late from campus. People will check in on me to make sure I have what I need. I got three A’s last quarter—which is a reflection of how Sarah’s Circle has supported me.”

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Permanent Supportive Housing

Sarah’s Circle provides 30 units of Permanent Supportive Housing, offering women safe, private homes and ongoing supportive services to ensure housing retention. This housing model improves outcomes for the most difficult to serve individuals and helps reduce public costs associated with emergency room and shelter use. 

“Privacy is important for someone with mental illness. I am constantly checking in with myself, making alterations to my environment… to make sure everything is okay. When I go to my unit, I can have my quiet time… not like at a shelter.”

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