I never used to ask for help. I used to regret my whole transition. I didn’t see any hope. My family wouldn’t support me in the way I needed, it was a whole lot of tough love. My mother wouldn’t accept my transition, and then I had a run-in with the law that left me homeless.

I felt too ashamed to ask for help, but then I got pneumonia and a friend of mine convinced me I should go to the hospital. I was there for two months. Finally, I was released and went to a shelter that connected me with Sarah’s Circle.

Within a week of being connected with Sarah’s Circle, I got housed. I didn’t think it was going to happen for me; but from the moment I walked in, there was no judgment. They offered me every resource you could imagine for whatever I needed.  I have now been housed for three months, thanks to Sarah’s Circle. If not for Sarah’s Circle, I’d still be out on the streets, ready to give up on life… who knows where I’d be? Now I can be me and live my truth.

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