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Sweaters for Sarah

Things are about to get ugly! Don your finest holiday sweater and join us for a night of merriment. Hosted by the Associates Board, this event is for our patrons who are 21 and older.

Sleep Deprivation and Women’s Homelessness

Sleep is difficult to come by when you have nowhere to sleep. This is something easily taken for granted when a bed is guaranteed to you every night.

Homelessness: A Choice?

Is homelessness a lifestyle choice? If it is, what leads a person to make such a decision? A common assumption about people who are homeless is they are in this position because of individual character flaws, such as laziness.

Introducing Employment Services for Women

With the re-opening of the economy, many employers are hiring. Sarah’s Circle sees this opportunity and has responded with a new program that connects clients to employment services.

Invisible Violence

The direct cause of homelessness for roughly 25% of women who come to Sarah’s Circle is domestic violence. Domestic violence is one of the most underreported crimes worldwide. This is because victims fear escalation, bodily harm, or death inflicted by the perpetrator.

Criminalizing Homelessness

The cycle of homelessness and poverty endures in part due to the US criminal justice system. Behaviors that are linked to mental illness or are vital to the existence and survival of unhoused people are deemed illegal.

29th Annual Winter Walk: a Mile in Her Shoes

Thank you to all that made this event possible. To our fundraisers, donors, sponsors, and special guests: Together, we will end homelessness for women in Chicago. We look forward to being together in person next year.

Talking About Homelessness

Not everyone feels comfortable explaining complicated or difficult topics. It can often seem easier to gloss over an issue rather than take the time to fully understand or carefully explain these subjects, especially with children.

I Overcame Homelessness, Ask Me Anything

On any given night in Chicago, there are approximately 2,000 women without a home. This year, Sarah’s Circle will help hundreds of women end their homelessness. Homelessness is a solvable problem. You can help women secure safe and permanent homes.

The Anticipated Surge in Women’s Homelessness

The COVID-19 pandemic is shining a light on chasms in the foundation of American life. For some time, women have been working hard to shatter the glass ceiling and make up ground lost to the burden of gender roles. Unfortunately, as the pandemic rages on, the progress won is being lost.

Sarah’s Circle Interim Housing Expansion

Across Chicago there is an urgent need for additional beds as Interim Housing Programs and Emergency Shelters have had to reduce numbers to accommodate social distancing.

Sarah’s on Sheridan – Virtual Apartment Tour

Virtual Tour: Featuring one of the 38 units of Permanent Supportive Housing offered at Sarah’s on Sheridan, now open!